Rebuilding of Quality Cast Iron, Aluminum & Steel Wire Capstan Drums

Nation Grinding, Inc. quality wire capstan rebuilding services provides significant cost benefits for the repairing of wire capstans once grooves have been worn into them. In most cases, the drums can be repaired to “as good as” or “better than” their original condition up to three times before total replacement is required.

We grind the damage away, and then apply a highly wear-resistant .015″ thick ceramic or HVOF tungsten carbide finish that can double or triple the life of the wire capstan. In most instances, we recommend the HVOF tungsten carbide finish as it delivers the best wear protection. We also can adapt our rebuilding processes and results to meet our customers’ specific requirements.

We typically work on cast iron, aluminum and steel wire capstans that are 1″ to 18″ long and up to 48″ in diameter. The coating thickness ranges from .020″ to .090″ with a surface finish from R8 to R16 in an HVOF tungsten carbide or ceramic finish. We also provide secondary operations such as green grind coating and a finish grind. We can handle high volumes with a turnaround time of 5 to 10 days and are experienced at meeting OEM standards.

Highlights of Wire Capstan (Drum) Rebuilding Project

Product Scope
Wire Capstan Rebuilding
Capabilities Applied/Processes
OD Grinding
Tightest Tolerance
OEM Specification
Material Type
Cast Iron, Aluminum, Steel
Product Length
1 to 18 in
Product Diameter
48 in
Coating Thickness
.020 to .090 in
Surface Finish
R8 to R16
Material Finish
HVOF Tungsten Carbide, Ceramic
Special Features
Multiple Finishes
Secondary Operations Applied
Green Grind Coating, Finish Grind
Industry for Use
Delivery Time
5 to 10 days
Standards Met
Tooling Cost
Diamond Wheels ($300 to $900)