About Nation Grinding, Inc.

Nation Grinding, Inc. retrofits, rebuilds, and/or repairs hard surfaced wire drawing blocks or capstans and we are recognize as a leader in this industry. The cutting edge with HVOF, Plasma Metalizing Technology is used to improve wear and corrosion resistance. HVOF (high velocity oxygen fuel) is a hard surfacing process where alloy powder is expelled from a spray gun at speeds that exceed MACH 6. The powder impinges on the substrate and then builds up. A wide variety of alloys can be applied with the HVOF System. Many parts include sheaves, rolls, and wire guiding devices. Custom coatings are used to restore worn metal surfaces.


Nation Grinding supplies quality parts to a wide variety of companies and industries. Our customer base in these industries are well established accounts. Utilizing our expertise in the grinding and coating services we have ground and coated parts that were instrumental in the building of tanks for the military, housings for the missiles for the Aerospace sector, and plates for surgical procedures for the Medical Field.