Custom Capabilities

Since 1954, Nation Grinding, Inc. has been offering precision grinding and coating services. We serve various industries, including but not limited to aerospace, medical, defense, marine, military, mining, etc., offering multiple materials to suit their specific needs and applications.

Nation Grinding, Inc. offers a variety of custom capabilities to cater to each of our customer’s needs. These capabilities are:

  • Surface Grinding Services
  • Blanchard Grinding Services
  • Cylinder Grinding Services
  • Vertical Grinding Services
  • Jig & Thread Grinding Services
  • Internal Diameter Grinding Services
  • Outside Diameter
  • HVOF Coating

Surface Grinding Services

Precision surface grinding is a process that produces a smooth surface on metal workpieces. It can also create exact metal removal at high-speed rates. In the past, surface grinding machines were powered by single-edged tools such as chisels; however, modern surface grinding machines offer faster speeds and enhanced precision.

There are many types of precision surface grinders, including benches, belts, and cylindrical grinders; however, each type consists of a power-driven grinding wheel. This abrasive tool interacts with the surface of the workpiece to remove raw material and produce a smooth finish. As a result, precision surface grinding services are an essential manufacturing process that provides numerous benefits for businesses and consumers.

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Blanchard Grinding Services

Nation Grinding, Inc. offers Blanchard grinding services that are well-suited for many applications. Blanchard grinding is a metalworking technique that uses significantly higher horsepower than other grinding methods, allowing it to quickly and efficiently remove large amounts of material. It is ideal for large parts that would be too difficult to grind using other methods.

Blanchard grinding also has the additional benefits of being more economical than other types of grinding and delivering a superior surface finish. As a result, Nation Grinding’s Blanchard grinding services are uniquely suited to many different industries and applications.

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Cylinder Grinding Services

Cylindrical grinders are one of the most crucial machines in industrial settings. They’re used to create cylinder-shaped objects with high precision and can be used to work with various materials.

Nation Grinding has been providing precision cylindrical grinding services since 1954, and we have built long-term relationships with clients all over the country. We’re proud to say that three of the largest spindle grinders in the country are our grinders.

Our cylinder grinding processes are one of the best in the grinding service industry, and we’re ISO and Mil-Spec compliant to ensure that we always meet your expectations. We offer a wide range of quality control inspections and use state-of-the-art equipment to ensure that your cylinder grinder is precisely as you need it to be.

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Vertical Grinding Services

Nation Grinding, Inc’s vertical grinding services are ISO and Mil-Spec compliant, delivering the absolute precision and superior quality that our customers expect. Our vertical grinding processes include internal and outside diameters, fine, high-speed, taper, and wet grinding, with inside part diameters ranging from .200″ to 36″ (5 to 914.4mm).

We can also handle outside part diameters and part widths of up to 48″ (1219mm), as well as part heights of up to 52″ (1321mm) with a roundness of .00050″ (.0127mm).

Our vertical grinding services have up to 3 tons of lifting capacity. We are proud of our capability to meet the tightest tolerances of +/- .0002″ (.0051mm). With our years of experience and vast capabilities, Nation Grinding is your go-to source for all your precision vertical grinding needs.

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Jig & Thread Grinding Services

Jig grinding is a type of precision grinding used to create jigs, dies, and special tooling. Many companies offer jig grinding services, but not all jig grinders are created equal. The Jig grinding experts at Nation Grinding, Inc. have the experience and knowledge to get the job done right the first time.

We offer Jig grinding services for various materials, including metals, composites, and ceramics. We can handle parts up to 110″ long and tolerances as tight as ± .0001″.

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Internal Diameter (ID) Grinding Services

At our state-of-the-art facility, we provide internal diameter grinding services for a wide range of parts made from diverse materials, including metals and non-metals. We can work with parts up to 96″ in horizontal length, 48″ in vertical grinding length, and 30″ or 5″ chuck through the hole.

Additionally, we can achieve surface finishes down to 6 micro. With such precise capabilities, we can meet or exceed the original design specifications for internal diameter, cylindricity, and concentricity.

No matter what your part’s materials are, we can provide the high-quality internal diameter grinding services you need.

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Outside Diameter Grinding Services

Nation Grinding, Inc. is a world-renowned leader in the retrofitting, repair, and rebuilding of hard-surfaced wire drawing blocks and capstans. We use high-velocity oxygen fuel (HVOF) coupled with plasma metalizing technology to increase product resistance to corrosion and general wear. This patented process results in a surface hardness that is up to five times that of the original material.

As part of our services, Nation Grinding offers both outside diameter (OD) and inside diameter (ID) grinding for components of non-metal or metal composition, including carbon steel, titanium, aluminum, exotic metals, and stainless steel. We also offer a wide range of finishes, such as bright polished, brushed, dull polished, and matte.

Our highly skilled expert technicians and engineers are committed to providing the highest customer service possible.

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HVOF Coating

HVOF coatings are tough and smooth, making them ideal for protecting metal surfaces from wear and corrosion. HVOF (high-velocity oxygen fuel) is a hard surfacing process where alloy powder is expelled from a spray gun at speeds that exceed MACH 6. The powder impinges on the substrate and then builds up.

A wide variety of alloys can be applied with the HVOF System. Many parts include sheaves, rolls, and wire guiding devices. Custom coatings are used to restore worn metal surfaces.

HVOF coatings can also improve moving parts’ performance by reducing friction and increasing wear resistance.

In addition, HVOF coatings can be applied to various materials, including metals, plastics, and ceramics, making them extremely versatile tools for engineering and manufacturing applications.

Repair Services

At Nation Grinding, we offer a wide variety of repair services for all your precision grinding needs. Whether you need to repair damage from wear and tear, corrosion, or a manufacturing defect, we can help. We have extensive experience repairing all types of grinding machines, including jig grinders, surface grinders, and OD grinders.

Our team of highly skilled expert technicians and engineers is committed to providing the best possible service to our customers. We offer a wide variety of repair services, including:

  • ID, OD Repair of Shafts
  • Cylinders and Pumps
  • Printer Rolls
  • Chrome Plating Repair
  • Plasma Spray Repair
  • Spindle Repair
  • Crankshafts
  • Wire Drum Rebuilding


We take precision to a whole new level.

At Nation Grinding, we are proud to offer our custom capabilities in precision grinding and coating services to our clients. Our state-of-the-art facilities and experienced team members allow us to provide the industry with the highest quality products and services. Contact Nation Grinding Services today to learn more about our services.